The Types Of Underfloor Heating Kits To Select From

Underfloor heating kits come in two types, electric and water based. Electric underfloor heating can be retro-fitted and placed under ceramic tile or laminate flooring. Electric kits are typically sold as mats and come in a variety of sizes.

Electric mats are popular in bathrooms with ceramic tile because one disadvantage of ceramic tiles is that it is cold. When stepping out of the shower, no one wants to step onto a cold ceramic floor, particularly first thing in the morning. That’s where an electric underfloor heating mat comes in very handy.

Underfloor systems that are water based are used in new construction and installed after the walls, windows and doors are up and can heat individual rooms or, depending on the size of the home, the whole house.

Underfloor heating is an excellent method of heating a home. Compare this to forced air heating that blows currents of air into the room that will ascend to the ceiling almost immediately. These currents of warm air will eventually descend toward the floor but only after cooling down a significant amount. This can leave the head and upper body feeling warm and stuffy while the toes are freezing.

Heat from an underfloor system literally heats from the ground up. The floor is warm and therefore objects, including the body, connected to the floor are warm as well. If the objects within a room feel warm, the room feels warm and inviting as well.

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Frozen Pipes

One must take every precaution to ensure that pipes in water based systems do not freeze and burst, causing untold amounts of water damage. Some systems employ antifreeze that is introduced into the water. Home owners sometimes look to alternate forms of heat such as wood, coal, kerosene heaters or any other type of heat that can be used to keep the pipes warm in case of a power failure.

Healthy Heat

A Heathy Home Thanks To Underfloor Heating Kits

People who suffer from allergies benefit from underfloor heating as well. Air is not forced through the home through ductwork as it is with forced air heating. Blowing air through air ducts may pump particulate matter from room to room.

If a drywall project is being done in a bedroom upstairs, the dust can be pumped into the dining room downstairs or any other room for that matter. Underfloor heating delivers heat to the floor from underneath so that no air is pumped throughout the home at all.

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Calm Heat

Underfloor heating systems are very efficient. The water in an underfloor system is heated to a relatively low temperature so that the boiler will use less fuel as it is heating the water. Many water based systems can use alternate forms of energy to heat the water such as solar energy, geothermal energy or wind turbine energy.

Underfloor systems are very quiet. No air is being blown about and creating noise from rushing air or rattling objects such as blinds or curtains. Many times drapery has to be modified because the window that it is covering is right over a heating register.

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