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Electric Underfloor Heating The Answer To Warmth In Many Homes

Electric underfloor heating is an ideal way to heat a home that can be used in either new construction homes or retrofitted into an existing home.

Electric mats can be installed under tile or laminate floors and provide a nice warm floor to step onto as well as heating the room quite nicely. With electric underfloor heating cables can even be run in odd shaped rooms or where the room has obstacles to go around such as bath tubs or cabinetry.

electric underfloor heating
Electric Mats

Electric mats are the most common because the spacing of the electric cable has already been taken care of in the mat. Remove the cable from the mat to work around any odd shaped areas that are particularly common, for example, in bathrooms or kitchens.

Electric mats come in a variety of wattage outputs. The mats are controlled by thermostats linked specifically to that mat so that the temperature can be controlled for that specific area. Normally, the thermostat will also have a timer so that the room is not being heated when it isn’t being used, thus saving energy and money. Electric heating mats also come in a wide array of sizes to accommodate many different room sizes.

Have a good look around this website as it will help you learn more about how different electric undefloor heating systems work.

Cable Kits

Electric Underfloor Heating Flexibility

Loosely run electric cables offer the installer a high degree of flexibility during installation.Installers space the cables as per the product specifications.

Cable kits are great for installation around fixed objects like those that may be found in kitchens or bathrooms.Cable kits come as a long run of heating cable on a spool.

When ordering heating cable, order enough to cover about 90% of the floor area. Order a little less than is needed as opposed to over ordering. Heating cable can not be cut.

Heating cable kits come with thermostats as well so that the temperature can be controlled room to room. These thermostats can also normally be set on a timer so that the room isn’t being heated when not in use, thereby saving energy.

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Heat Loss

Using some form of insulation beneath the subfloor when using any underfloor heating system will help to prevent heat loss due to heat radiating down rather than up through the floor where it is supposed to go.

Different manufacturers of electric underfloor heating may specify different types of insulation. Make sure to read the owners manual for manufacturer specifications. Don’t risk voiding a product warranty because the wrong insulation product was used.


Underfloor heating is widely regarded as a highly efficient form of heating. The floor is heated and therefore objects in contact with the floor are heated. This makes the room feel very warm and inviting. Read more on this site about electric underfloor heating.


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